Thursday, April 3, 2008

First Reads of the Week!

Wiccan's been having some pretty disturbing nightmares lately... but the thing is, he's pretty sure they're not just dreams. But to make sure, he has to find an expert -- and, just to make this challenging, he decides the best person to talk to is his mother, the single most dangerous mutant on the face of the Earth: the Scarlet Witch.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa gives us a self-contained story featuring Wiccan and his brother Speed as they dash around the world, covering the Scarlet Witch's old haunts in the hope of digging up some evidence of her current whereabouts... and, interestingly enough, he does it without a single fistfight. Alina Urosov's art, while not quite in the same category as the visuals in the previous Young Avengers specials, grew on me more and more with every page. While we wait for Marvel to make up its mind on where the Young Avengers will go next, this is a nice little snack-sized YA adventure to tide you over.

Anna Mercury is in the field! In mad dash across the rooftops of Ataraxia, she races to stop the War Department from launching a fully loaded electrogravitic lifter on Mandragon Moon... and no, I have no idea what any of that means either. Still, I had enough fun reading this crazy thing to guarantee I'll pick up #2. Maybe the next issue will make more sense? We can only hope!

Back from her sudden bizarre trip into an unrecognizable and chilling future, Kara sets out to fulfill her promise to the sick little boy she met a few issues back -- she aims to cure him of his terminal cancer, and will use all her contacts in the DCU to do it.

This is turning into a modern classic story arc from writer Kelly Puckett. A lesser writer might have allowed Kara's rationale to deteriorate into obvious impracticality, or let Kara's opponents become pig-headed in their arguments... but Puckett keeps Kara believeable (they travel in time, move planets around and restart the universe -- why shouldn't the DC Heroes be able to cure cancer?), and guest stars Wonder Woman and Resurrection Man are both in character and reasonable as they try to talk Kara out of her mission. Definitely a series to keep your eye on!

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