Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Reads of the Week!

Red Sonja continues her journey down the River Styx in the company of Charon the Boatman in the latest stand-alone chapter in a five-part series. This time, Charon shows Sonja how her life might have turned out if her parents hadn't been killed all those years ago... and it's definitely not all sweetness and light. This what-if chapter is the newest installment in the current arc of independent stories, each one featuring a different creative team; this time, it's writer Joshua Ortega and the very capable artist Fabiano Neves stepping up to the plate. After the long multi-issue story-arcs of the past few years, it's fantastic to be able to jump in on a self-contained Red Sonja story -- I just hope I enjoy the new creative team that comes on board after the next few issues as much as I have been liking the fill-ins!


After famously making off with a Romulan cloaking device in the classic episode "The Enterprise Incident", Starfleet has begun experimenting with the new technology... but unfortunately for the crew of the Enterprise, things don't go exactly as planned! Captain Kirk and Commander Spock, returning from a brief trip to Starbase K-7 in a shuttlecraft, find the Enterprise trapped in a cloaked state and deserted... so what happened to her crew?

Legendary Original Series and Next Gen Star Trek writer DC Fontana comes to comics for the first time with part one of IDW's Star Trek: The Enterprise Experiment. Paired with veteran Star Trek artist Gordon Purcell, Fontana gives us a script that could easily have found a home alongside any episode of the original series -- which makes a welcome change from the recent, massively disappointing "Year Four" comics from IDW. We can only hope that Fontana & Purcell stick around for the long haul!

Devil's Due relaunches the best-selling fantasy comic series Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance Chronicles under a new joint banner with Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons #1. Clocking in at 48 pages, this puppy will be sure to keep you busy for a while... and while the Dragonlance story, featuring an encounter between Palin Majere and his formidable uncle Raistlin, isn't quite in the same category as the atmospheric Forgotten Realms story (starring, of course, everyone's favourite rogue Drow), this book is still a lot of fun. Hopefully this is the start of a long and entertaining run of sword & sorcery stories!


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