Saturday, April 5, 2008

Free comic Book Day Spotlight

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 3rd. Every few days I will post a spotlight on some of the FREE comics you can pick up.

by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely

Two of the comic industry’s biggest superstars, writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely, the acclaimed team behind JLA: Earth 2 reunite to redefine the Man of Steel for a new generation. The first issue of the Eisner Award-winning series that Entertainment Weekly and Time magazine named one of the best comics of 2007 features the World’s Greatest Super Hero’s rescue of a group of astronauts on the surface of the sun, where he’s exposed to massive amounts of solar radiation. No one could have anticipated how he would be affected — except Lex Luthor!


What if your entire life — your childhood, your family, all your memories — was a lie? That is the question at the core of The Stranded, the inaugural title from the landmark collaboration between Virgin Comics and The SCI FI Channel! An epic adventure, The Stranded will be featured alongside Dan Dare in a special flip-cover edition for Free Comic Book Day 2008. An icon since the 1950's, Dan Dare has been pulled out of retirement and into the outer reaches of the galaxy in this new series written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys, Hitman, John Woo's Seven Brothers)!

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Edward Kaye said...

Dan Dare and AS-SM are great reads, highly recommended for new fans. I like it when they do those little one shots though. Then there is something for new readers, and also something for people that already buy comics. Hopefully there will be some of that too.

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