Monday, August 18, 2008

First Reads of the Week!

Paul Cornell wraps up his first story arc for the new title, pitting the Black Knight, Spitfire, Pete Wisdom and Captain Britain and the rest of MI:13 against the Skrull task force assigned to subjugate Earth's magic... and he does it with style, a good speech and a nice twist at the very end. It's difficult to get a real feel for this new series, launched as it was in the middle of Marvel's big crossover event... but still, Cornell managed to take the Secret Invasion tie-in baggage and turn it into something actually worth reading. Here's looking forward to the second arc!


Caitlin, Roxy, Eddie, Sarah and Bobby are chasing a Ratcatcher through a teleportation device when the catastrophe from Number of the Beast #8 strikes -- forcing the teleport machine to put them into electronic data storage to save their lives. Six months later, the machine finally manages to deposit them in New York... but of course, this is no longer the world they remember. Writer Scott Beatty has had a number of fill-in projects tossed his way by DC over the last few years, but hopefully he has finally landed a long-term gig with Gen 13. He and Mike Huddleston do a great job of bringing the most upbeat Wildstorm book into the new post-apocalyptic status quo without gutting the characters -- nicely maintaining the tone of the book. Worth a look!

In a post-governmental age when the world is ruled by corporations, Zee is a Wastelander without much to look forward to in his life... but when his father's last wish sends him into Los Petropolis to deliver a package to the mysterious Rev, his father's unfinished business just might get him killed. The latest offering from freshman publisher Radical features all the high-quality art you've come to expect from their stable of creators, and a sharp script by writer Edmund Shern ensures that we have something to think about while looking at all the pretty pictures.

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