Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Read of the Week!


A-list artist Pia Guerra, fresh from her best-selling run on Y: The Last Man with Brian K Vaughn, joins writer Tony Lee for a turn in the TARDIS with this new miniseries from IDW.

The Doctor and Martha stumble into a strange high-tech museum packed with artifacts collected from the history of just one individual -- the Doctor. But the shadowy powers behind the museum aren't particularly pleased to see him, and casually wipe the Doctor's memory just to see how he responds. Martha is forced to help the Doctor regain his past before the damage triggers a regeneration -- and luckily they happen to be surrounded by just the kind of memorabilia that can jog his memory.

Though Lee's take on the characters is a fairly broad one that includes some borderline out-of-character moments, it's Ms Guerra's gorgeous art that kept me glued to the page and will guarantee I come back for issue #2.

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