Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Just A Game, Kids... and, um, Everyone Else

In what is easily the weirdest story I've heard today, Yahoo News tells us of a Japanese woman -- recently divorced and I guess feeling a little snarky about it -- who hacked into her ex-husband's Maplestory account and deliberately deleted his character... which would make it Maplestory's first virtual murder case, I suppose.

In her defense, she spoke about just being so frustrated after her husband suddenly divorced her that she lashed out and squished his sprite. She has been arrested, but according to the article she has not yet been charged with hacking and/or vandalism (or whatever criminal charge they figure applies here).

Personally, as end-of-relationship revenge goes, I think it's a pretty good one -- funny, personal and ultimately pretty harmless. I've had plenty worse done to me and not gone to the police to get the girl arrested -- which kind of makes me wonder what kind of weasel her ex-husband really is, anyway. But then I remember -- he was playing Maplestory!! That's probably all I need to know right there. Go to an izakaya, have a few beers, sing some karaoke and you'll discover you can get over this kind of thing pretty quickly, buddy. I mean, what's next -- my ex kidnapped my Tamagotchi?

Hey... where is my Tamagotchi, anyway...?

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Alcar said...

Have to admit it would be horribly fun if they did try to get a murder conviction.

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