Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reaper's Own Hallowe'en Contest Underway

Even as Curious Comics and Reaper Miniatures are sponsoring a home-grown Hallowe'en-themed miniature painting contest -- details available here, in case you've missed out -- Reaper has thrown the doors open on their official painting event, offering hobbyists a shot at getting two creepy new minis months ahead of their final release dates. Harvey the Psycho Killer will be part of the Chronoscope line of non-fantasy figures, and Rotpatch the Pumpkin Golem will find a home among Reaper's Dark Heaven Legends line.

Full details are available here on the main Reaper Miniatures News Page, and the submission thread on the Reaper Forums can be found here -- be sure to keep an eye on that one as the finished minis come in!

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