Thursday, November 27, 2008

Reaper Painting Contest Winner

OK, so I'm a little late uploading the pictures of our winning miniatures from our recent Reaper Minis Hallowe'en Painting Contest... it's a long story involving a digital camera, lost USB connections, found USB connections, a lost digital camera, and, ultimately, a borrowed digital camera along with its companion USB connections. Thanks again, Jason.

Hopefully my pitiful amateur photography will not get in the way of the awesome paintjobs on these minis. Here's the winning entry, painted by the obviously talented Todd Glawson...

Todd selectively combined a Reaper Warlord Reven Orc Berserker with parts from the Reaper Jack O'Lantern & Pumpkin Set to produce this creepy dude. Great job, Todd! He claimed our top prize of a set of Reaper's three Classic Monsters, Count Dracula, the Wolfman and Frankenstein's Monster.

And here's a quick look at a few other entries randomly selected from our pool of local painting talent...

Not too shabby, eh? Thanks to everyone who entered! And keep those paintbrushes flying... we are now accepting entries for the Curious Comics / Reaper Miniatures Christmas Painting Contest at Curious Hillside!!

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