Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Spoils TCG Comes Back From the Dead!

Against all odds, it looks as if The Spoils TCG is coming back from the grave. Declared dead after its parent company, Tenacious Games, found itself unsuccessful in securing a second round of financing in 2008 (something that we will probably be hearing a lot more of in this steadily deteriorating economic climate) and went belly-up last year. It was certainly a shame; The Spoils was the only non-licensed collectible card game to make a dent in the industry in ages, and there were plenty of local players who enjoyed its fun gameplay, wide-open deck-building opportunities and bizarre sense of humour. The carrot at the end of The Spoils tournament set-up was no slouch, either -- big money prizes to be won at invitational events on The Spoils Cruise Ship, a multi-day event sailing from New Orleans.

But now it seems as if The Spoils is staging a comeback. The Danish-based company calling itself Arcane Tinmen have apparently acquired the rights to the game, somehow sidestepping the debt associated with the trademark. In a post on The Spoils website, they even claim to have reinstated the Tournament Experience system of organized play, up to and including the famous cruise.

So, all you old Spoils players -- dig those decks out of your basement and shuffle them up. This game isn't nearly as dead as we thought!

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