Friday, June 26, 2009

Zombies Spotted At Curious!

Watch out, game fans -- we've had reliable reports that a fresh wave of never-before-seen Zombies has been spotted at Curious Comics! Details are a little sketchy, but this shambling horde seems made up of fat guys, surfer dudes, doctors, and many, many more.

Don't let the fact that they're only 28mm tall lull you into a false sense of security -- these rotten little creeps are guaranteed to terrorize your gaming table. Just drop them into the miniatures wargame of your choice and retire to a safe distance to appreciate the mayhem. And with the smart folks at Wargames Factory shipping these shambling undead with multiple zombie body parts per model sprue, the brave wargamer can mix & match the bits to create almost 1000 completely unique zombies! Scary, huh?

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