Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Read of the Week!

Captain America #601

Something horrible is stalking the battlefields of World War Two... something that preys on American soldiers, drains them of blood, and resurrects their lifeless corpses -- turning them into blood-hungry predators. Faced with the threat of vampires on the front lines, the US Army command calls in the only soldiers they know who can face it head-on: namely, Captain America and Bucky!

This month, regular Cap writer Ed Brubaker brings us a self-contained, double-sized story with evocative art by comics industry giant Gene Colan -- legendary illustrator of Marvel classics like Tomb of Dracula, Daredevil, and Steve Gerber's original Howard the Duck. Digitally coloured directly over Colan's expressive pencils, this issue is a unique treat for anyone who ever got a kick out of 1970s Marvel horror comics. Highly recommended!

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