Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome to the Asylum!

Need a kobold for tonight's D&D game, but you don't have time to paint one of Reaper Miniatures' metal sculpts, and you don't feel like taking your chances with Wizards' randomly packaged prepainted minis? Well then, I guess you're stuck pretending the pennies on your battlemap are the bad guys again... unless that giant logo looming up over the horizon might have something to do with the solution to your dilemma.

Reaper has just announced the creation of Asylum Miniatures, a whole new line of affordably priced, prepainted plastic miniatures. Packaged with the mini (or minis) completely visible, you can say goodbye to crossing your fingers and trusting your luck while making your purchase and stocking your dungeon. With Reaper's vast catalogue of dynamic and unique sculpts to draw from, Asylum will absorb the previously released Legendary Encounters line and deliver a prepainted ready-to-play mini for any RPG or minis combat game -- in addition to developing new minis combat rules and, if the press release is any indication, any number of other as-yet-mysterious things.

I guess that still doesn't help you out with tonight's D&D session... the first releases from Asylum are a few moons away. But still, at least you can play safe in the knowledge that those pennies will soon be back in the swear jar where they belong!

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