Friday, September 18, 2009

Pathfinder RPG moves to Reaper Miniatures!

Reaper Miniatures, secure in the top spot in the All-Around Best Miniatures For Any Game category, is moving to make a trip to the Reaper display rack at Curious Comics even more of a necessity than it already is... and how is that possible, you ask? Have they managed to put a trademark on air or gravity? Almost!

Reaper has teamed up with Paizo Publishing -- long known and loved for their years behind both Dungeon and Dragon Magazines, not to mention the second shot at life they have brought to the d20 RPG system under the Pathfinder RPG banner -- to bring us a new line of Pathfinder RPG Miniatures.

Until recently, the license to produce Pathfinder RPG Minis had found its home with the very talented people at Crocodile Games... and while I loved the minis they brought to the shelf (particularly the goblins, how could you not love the goblins?), it's clear from the first preview image from Reaper that this is a game-changing deal for Pathfinder players. Talented sculptor Bobby Jackson has once again knocked it out of the park, delivering a dynamic sculpt that promises great things to come in this line.

The first Pathfinder Miniatures are scheduled to hit store shelves later this fall... keep your eyes peeled!

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