Friday, September 4, 2009

Warlord on the Way!

The 4th Edition of the long-running (and my personal favourite) CCG, Warlord, is finally coming to Curious Comics!

Phoenix Interactive, the nice folks who make the game these days, recently clinched a North American distribution deal that will at last see the new 4th Edition decks hit our shelves... bringing with it the unique brand of Warlord mayhem, magic and madness that we all know and love.

We've already started to warm up with a few Warlord games popping up on Friday nights, but watch this space for more event announcements once the goodies actually arrive. Until then, head on over to the Temple of Lore -- still the best place to check out Warlord spoilers, after all this time -- and get ready to jump in on a whole new battlefield!

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