Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Wish List: Domo-Kun!

Stressed out about Christmas shopping? Looking for the coolest possible gifts for the most reasonable price around? Well, don't worry - Curious Comics is here to help make your Christmas both cool and affordable! As Christmas gets closer, keep an eye on this blog as we feature some of the best holiday treats guaranteed to please even the hardest-to-buy-for people on your Christmas list.

Who is he? What is he? I don't think anyone has a clear idea... not even his adoptive father, Mr Usagi, who has been taking care of the bizarre furry creature ever since Domo hatched from an egg dropped down Mr Usagi's burrow. All that's really clear is that even though Domo-Kun may have started out life as a series of weird little stop-motion animated shorts for Japanese TV station NHK, he has grown beyond those humble origins to command a global legion of devoted Domo fans. And Domo fans need Domo stuff, right?

From T-shirts to stuffies, boardgames to manga - Domo's got it! Stop by your friendly neighbourhood Curious Comics and check out the variety of Domo-themed goodies to satisfy the cool pop-culture fan on your Christmas list.

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