Friday, December 4, 2009

First Read of the Week!

Fall of the Hulks #1

Long before the rise of Norman Osborn's Cabal, there was the Intelligencia - a secret group of the most brilliant minds of the Marvel Universe, unfettered by concerns of morality and united by the common goal of creating a depository of all the hidden knowledge in the world... for their own private exploitation, naturally. Their ranks consist of a who's-who of evil geniuses... The Leader, the Red Ghost, the Wizard, the Mad Thinker, Egghead, MO.D.O.K., and Victor Von Doom. Together they move behind the scenes of the greatest conflicts - the Secret War, the Superhuman Civil War, World War Hulk and more - manipulating events, taking advantage of the outcomes for their own purposes... until the ambitions of one member of the group requires the elimination of the others!

I went into this special one-shot issue fearing the worst... lately the Hulk books have been a little too light on story for my liking, and at first glance this looked to be more of the same. Instead, writer Jeff Parker has delivered a surprisingly solid book, using this issue to connect the dots for the upcoming Fall of the Hulks event -- even while packing a lot more story and character development in one single issue than regular Hulk readers have seen in ages. Artist Paul Pelletier never disappoints, and here he reminds us once again why he's one of Marvel's top artists -- every panel on every page is a treat.

It's good to see both Parker and Pelletier listed among the creators working on the various Fall of the Hulks tie-ins... hopefully the main event is as fun as the prologue!

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