Friday, December 11, 2009

Overlord Attack!

Warn the sentries! Barricade the doors! Fearsome Overlord Edric d'Ilchant has arrived at Curious Comics Hillside! With his loyal Verdatha Steed Embersmane and his fastness of Castle Lorath, d'Ilchant was one of the last Overlord Challenges to be produced by AEG before the license for the Warlord CCG went to Phoenix Interactive. Is he tough? Sure! Well supplied? You bet! Unbeatable? We'll see...

The rules are simple: challenge the Overlord, beat the Overlord, win the Overlord and his cards! (It goes without saying that everlasting fame and universal acclaim also go along with such a victory.) As of Friday December 11, Edric joins Helena Dascum taking open challenges at the weekly Warlord CCG event in the game room at Curious Comics Hillside. New players welcome; demo decks, friendly opponents and prizes will be on hand for all. You wouldn't want to miss out on that, would you? Of course not! See you there!

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