Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Series Spotlight: Queen Sonja

Queen Sonja #4

Since her relaunch under the Dynamite banner just a few years ago, the monthly Red Sonja title has reliably delivered some of the best sword & sorcery adventure stories in the modern comics market. With sizable runs by creators like Michael Avon Oeming and Brian Reed, Red Sonja stormed her way through nearly fifty issues before Dynamite elected to wrap the top-selling series and re-launch it as Queen Sonja, a fresh ongoing monthly with a new #1... the perfect jumping-on point for new readers!

Luring Mel Rubi back to provide the visuals for the continuing adventures of the 'She-Devil With A Sword' can't have been an easy job, but Dynamite definitely earns extra points for managing it. Other Red Sonja regular artists like Fabiano Neves, Lui Antonio and Walter Geovani never disappoint, but it's Rubi that helped usher in a new age for Sonja by blowing the audience away when she returned to comic shelves back in 2005 - and it's great to see him back.

With writer Joshua Ortega turning Sonja's world upside down and Rubi knocking it out of the park on each and every page, Queen Sonja has been a very welcome alternative to the endless 'Mexican Wrestling'-style of storytelling that seems to dominate most of the books across the Big Two. Highly recommended!

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