Sunday, February 14, 2010

Watchmen Heroclix Announced!

Who watches the Watchmen? Well, since you're reading a comic book blog, it's probably safe to assume that you do - and since the new Watchmen Heroclix are only going to be an inch or so high, keeping an eye on these guys is going to be a cinch. You read that right - Neca and the new Wizkids have announced the upcoming release of the Watchmen Heroclix Collector's Series Boxed Set. Bigger than any other box set ever released for Heroclix, the Watchmen set will feature an impressive array of 25 figures based on characters featured in the film version of Alan Moore's bestselling dystopian superhero epic. Also announced was the simultaneous release of the Doctor Manhattan Colossal Figure - and, measuring in at 14" tall, this in-scale version of the big blue guy will definitely dominate your gaming table.

Batman vs Rorschach? Galactus vs Doctor Manhattan? Wonder Woman vs Silk Spectre? It's all up to you... just make sure you keep an eye on that Ozymandias dude. The only bad news is that we're all going to have to wait until the summer to get our hands on the set - but, while you're waiting for the Watchmen set to hit the shelves, make sure to drop by Curious Comics Hillside on Saturdays @ 12 noon for a game or two of Heroclix and brush up on your superhero battling skills. See you there!

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