Friday, March 26, 2010

The Big Heroclix Skinny

This week, the head honchos of the NECA/Wizkids partnership have taken the opportunity to speak to the assembled masses at GAMA - that's the big gaming industry trade show happening in Las Vegas as we speak - and let everyone in on their plans for Heroclix for 2010 and beyond. We've already heard announcements concerning the upcoming release of the DC Heroclix: Brave & the Bold Booster Expansion, and the DC Heroclix: Blackest Night Starter Set, as well as the addition of a War Machine figure to the Free Comic Book Day lineup and the completely unexpected Watchmen Collector's Set -- so what did they have up their sleeves for GAMA? As it turns out, quite a lot!

The first big news comes in the shape of Marvel Heroclix: Web of Spider-Man, a 60-figure themed set featuring your friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler and his gallery of kooky enemies, in addition to characters and plot-twists from the Dark Reign and Siege storylines currently dominating the Marvel Universe.

After that, look for the DC Heroclix: 75th Anniversary Set, bringing the long history of the DC Universe to your gaming table -- from the Golden Age straight up to the yet-to-be-published Brightest Day. Word is we might even see a White Lantern Sinestro buy-it-by-the-brick bonus figure... watch this space for news as it becomes available!

We also had word that the late, lamented Halo Action Clix game is about to stage a comeback, tying in to this fall's release of Halo Reach. There was no word as yet about the return of Wizkids' Pirates CSG... but with Heroclix, Halo Action Clix, and even Horrorclix returning to stores under the NECA banner, can the hugely popular Pirates be far behind?

NECA/Wizkids finished up by promising at least 3 new boardgames slated for later this year -- designed by some of the biggest names in the business, built around popular licenses and featuring prepainted miniatures at their core. All in all, 2010 looks to be a banner year for Clix fans!

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