Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Cartoons!


Is he strong? Listen, bud - he's got radioactive blood! (Which you wouldn't always necessarily put in the 'plus' column, but here it works.) Yes, it's that watershed moment in superhero mass media, the iconic Spider-Man cartoon that crashed onto TV screens everywhere in 1967. Courtesy of animation pioneer Ralph Bakshi (who would go on to make films like Wizards, Lord of the Rings and Cool World), the first Spider-Man cartoon introduced kids everywhere to the adventures of the web-headed wall-crawler and his kooky arch-enemies. And now you can catch the excitement all over again -- just by clicking here and following the link to the Marvel Comics website, where they have very thoughtfully hosted a huge run of the Spider-Man cartoon (alongside other gems like the seriously nutty live-action Japanese Spider-Man TV show!).

Wealth and fame? He's ignored! Action is his reward... and now it's your reward too, just for a few easy mouse clicks! Have fun!

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