Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Read of the Week!

Amazing Spider-Man #627

Your Friendly Neighboughood Wall-Crawler tails a falling meteor to Central Park, where he finds -- to his amazement -- the nigh-unstoppable mutant menace known as the Juggernaut, battered, unconscious and smoking in a crater. But it doesn't end there... because the person behind the beatdown is one of the most powerful individuals in the Marvel Universe -- and he makes his long-overdue return in the pages of this issue!

Longtime Spider-expert Roger Stern turns in a snappy script that the very talented Lee Weeks translates into the usual top-notch visuals we've come to expect from his drawing board. Seems like I've been enjoying Spider-Man a lot lately -- even though Marvel hasn't managed to get me all the way back on board with the Spider-books after turfing Mary Jane, in this case it's the strong creative team that manages to move beyond the continuity train-wreck that is the modern Peter Parker and still manage to tell a great story. Highly recommended!

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