Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Read of the Week!

Black Widow #1

Some secrets won't stay buried... and sometimes the past won't stay dead. When Natasha Romanov receives a cryptic message that leads her to dig up one of her old contacts from the good old/bad old days of spying for the Soviet Union, she walks straight into a trap that nearly costs her her life. Now, with the aid of Wolverine, Iron Man and Captain America, Natasha is looking to settle old scores for good...

Marjorie Liu turns in a solid script that is far more espionage than super-hero -- and here that's a good thing, bringing us a fresh look at the Marvel Universe and grounding the larger-than-life characters that populate it. As always, Daniel Acuna's pages are an atmospheric treat, and suit the darker corners of Natasha's life perfectly. A solid start to the new ongoing series!

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