Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free Comic Book Day Spotlight!

Doctor Solar & Magnus the Robot Fighter

The classic sci-fi characters Doctor Solar and Magnus the Robot Fighter -- last seen in 1990's fan-favourite Valiant Comics line -- return to shelves this Free Comic Book Day with a double whammy of a special!

First, Doctor Phillip Solar has survived a terrible nuclear accident to become the new Doctor Solar -- able to perceive and manipulate the fundamental energies of the universe. But Solar isn't the only bizarre character wandering the Earth in the aftermath of the accident -- and, since these anomalies were created by his own blundering while he was still new to his powers, they are his responsibility to confront and contain!

Next, in the continent-spanning city of North Am in the year 4000 CE, there's only one thing standing between humanity and the mechanized aggression of the Q-Rob Rebels -- and that's Magnus, the Robot Fighter! Adopted by a sophisticated, self-aware robot and trained from birth to defend humanity against robots who break the Three Laws of Robotics, Magnus is all that stands between the peaceful citizens of the Earth and the machines that seek to supplant them!

Written by industry legend and Valiant Comics head honcho Jim Shooter, this special re-introduces these classic characters before Dark Horse launches a new series for each later this year. Just one of the many outstanding comics up for grabs on this year's Free Comic Book Day!

Don't miss out -- make sure you come by your friendly neighbourhood Curious Comics on Saturday May 1st and stock up on all the free swag!

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