Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flash Gordon joins Dynamite Comics!

The canny folks at Dynamite Comics have announced that Flash Gordon, legendary hero of the funny pages, will soon be starring in his own monthly title! It's still too early to tell who might be involved on the creative side of things, but I figure the safe money is on superstar writer/artist (and possibly the biggest Flash Gordon fan in the known universe) Alex Ross to be behind the book on some level. Flash joins Buck Rogers, The Lone Ranger, Zorro, The Green Hornet and The Phantom as part of the already-impressive Dynamite Comics lineup.

Look for more info on Flash Gordon later this year!


nyrdyv said...

If dynamite treats this series as they have treated most of the others then we can all have something great to look forward to.


Steven G. Willis

Brendan said...


Ardden Entertainment LLC is excited to announce the launch of FLASH GORDON: INVASION OF THE RED SWORD for an Autumn 2011 release.

Coming off the heels of Ardden’s critically-acclaimed FLASH GORDON: THE MERCY WARS mini-series (called “good, old-fashioned fun, freshly polished” by Publishers Weekly), Ardden plans on continuing an expansion of the characters and situations created in the first story arc, which was directly inspired by Alex Raymond’s groundbreaking comic strips.

FLASH GORDON: INVASION OF THE RED SWORD chronicles the invasion of Mongo by a splinter group of the CIA, as first introduced in FLASH GORDON: THE MERCY WARS #1. The group’s name, “The Red Sword,” was first created by Alex Raymond.

“When preparing to write the first four six-issue arcs we have planned for FLASH GORDON,” says FLASH GORDON writer and Ardden Co-Publisher Brendan Deneen, “I re-read every single one of Alex Raymond’s original comic strips. There was a treasure trove of material in there, including an arc where Flash, Dale and Zarkov end up back on Earth. While there, they battle a mysterious group called ‘the Red Sword.’ I thought that was the perfect name for the invading force in our second arc.”

“Like everyone else,” Deneen added, “I’ve heard about Dynamite’s plans to launch their own FLASH GORDON series. I look forward to some healthy competition. I hope they’re ready, too.”

In addition to their ongoing FLASH GORDON comic book series, Ardden Entertainment LLC is the publisher of CASPER AND THE SPECTRALS, a re-imagining of “Casper the Friendly Ghost,” which Aint It Cool News recently described as their favorite comic of the week (“Buy CASPER AND THE SPECTRALS and I guarantee you will enjoy it,” they also wrote).

CASPER AND THE SPECTRALS #2 hits comic stores in June after an unfortunate delay, with issue #3 coming out in July. Ardden will also be launching a new license at this October’s New York Comic-Con, based on a storied comic franchise with over three decades of history to its name.
Ardden Entertainment was formed in mid-2007 by ex-Miramax Films executive, Brendan Deneen, and ex-Markosia Editor-in-Chief, Richard Emms, and their business model is to produce contemporized versions of classic licenses and exciting new creator-owned titles. Joining Deneen and Emms is veteran comic book creator and writer, JM DeMatteis, who works as Ardden's Editor-in-Chief.

atomicker said...

Is Arden's Flash Gordon book still going to come out? Previously Dynamite was very careful about publishing books with conflicting rights issues (see the Dynamite/Moonstone Phantom story over the last two years). I suppose King Features might have given out two licenses, but why would Dynamite agree to making a book on those terms? Very strange!

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