Sunday, May 2, 2010

Get Yer Warlord On!

Arm up, soldier -- the new Warlord CCG set is out and it holds nothing back! The Sands of Oblivion expansion brings us to a wasteland where the Thessyrian Empire once fought an enormous battle with the sinister forces of the Chosen... and utterly decimated the surrounding countryside while they were at it. What could possibly live in this terrible place...? And, perhaps more importantly for our heroes -- what's the best way to kill it?

With its fast-paced gameplay and revolutionary combat system (which ought to be instantly recognized by any Dungeons & Dragons players out there), the Warlord fantasy card game has been an incredible success story since it first debuted in 2001. With seven powerful new decks featuring a single faction each, it's never been easier -- or more affordable -- to start playing Warlord! Ask a staff member for more information, or drop by Curious Comics Hillside on any Friday evening and check out our regular Friday Night Fight for yourself!

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