Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here Come Mantic's Dwarven Ironclads!

Here's a quick look at Mantic Games' soon-to-be-released Dwarven Ironclads! Featuring all the essentials for a front-line formation, the Ironclads are made to descend on their enemies with hammers and axes swinging. Supplemented with musicians and standard-bearers, these guys report to the battlefield prepared to face the worst your opponent has to offer.

What's more, you get all this Dwarfy goodness without breaking your budget -- Mantic's affordable miniatures are cast in high-quality low-cost plastic, allowing you to assemble a fearsome fighting force without making you slay an evil credit card bill in the process!

Also on the way are the soon-to-be-named Dwarven Artillery Regiments, currently the stars of a contest sponsored by Mantic and the folks at the gaming-miniature-centric forums At present the preferred name for these guys seems to be Dwarven Sharpshooters, but if you can come up with a better name for a bunch of dwarves with rifles and crossbows, then stop by this thread on dakkadakka and post your suggestion before May 24... your idea just might get picked and snag you a $200 prize package!

As for me, the only question I have left is... where do I get the dog??

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