Sunday, May 2, 2010

Top Book of the Week!

The Tale of One Bad Rat

Escaping the nightmarish trap of sexual abuse at home, young Helen Potter runs to the streets of London... where she gets caught up in a cycle of desperation, homelessness, hunger and fear. One of her most unlikely sources of support comes from across decades in the form of another Potter -- children's author and painter Beatrix Potter -- who, against all odds, may just be able to show Helen a way to escape the wreckage of her life and find her place in the world.

This is The Tale of One Bad Rat --the legendary Bryan Talbot's harrowing story of a young girl who must survive the worst modern society can throw at a person. The second most-requested graphic novel in American libraries (second only to the Pulitzer Prize-winning Maus), this new deluxe hardcover edition features a new foreword by Neil Gaiman, updated background material, and remastered full-colour artwork. The Tale of One Bad Rat is an essential component of any serious graphic novel reader's collection. Very highly recommended!

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