Friday, June 4, 2010

All About Life With Archie!

This summer, Michael Uslan -- the writer of the mega-hit Archie: Will You Marry Me? wedding story -- returns with a new ongoing series! In Life With Archie, fans will be treated to two new stories of Archie's parallel futures -- one where he's married to Veronica, and one where he's married to Betty -- every month.

In the first issue, Archie is forced to buy out Pop Tate's Chok'lit Shoppe for Lodge Industries Can Archie, Veronica and their friends face the challenge of saving Pop's future as well as their own? In the second story, Archie and Betty struggle with their careers in the fast-paced environment of the Big Apple. But when a mysterious figure offers Archie eternal wealth in exchange for leaving Betty and returning to Riverdale, will the temptation of an end to their struggles prove too much?

This is the comic series Archie fans have been waiting decades to see! Don't miss out -- ask a Curious Comics staff member how you can reserve your copy!

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