Friday, June 18, 2010

Magic CCG: Archenemy Out Today!

Magic CCG: Archenemy Decks

Here comes a whole new way to play your favourite CCG!

You are the Archenemy, and your goal is simple: the utter decimation of your fellow Planeswalkers. A force of unbridled malevolence, your power is so immense that their only hope is to join forces in a desperate attempt to defeat you.

In this exciting new multiplayer variant on the classic Magic CCG game, an oversized deck packed with brutal 'scheme' cards allows one player to assume the role of the Archenemy -- a merciless paragon of power bent on total domination. The other players in the game must unite to defeat the archenemy and save the day -- if they can!

Magic CCG: Archenemy Decks are available now at your friendly neighbourhood Curious Comics!

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