Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Boldly Click...

...where no one has clicked before!

Yes, the Talaxian cat is out of the temporal loop! The new NECA/Wizkids partnership -- already the center of attention after the successful relaunch of the venerable Marvel and DC Heroclix collectible miniatures game properties -- has been dropping hints for weeks now that a big licensing agreement was in the final stages of negotiations. Internet speculation was, predictably, running at full steam: would it be GIJoe-Clix? Transformers-Clix? World of Warcraft-Clix?

Wizkids finally put us out of our collective misery and let us in on the big secret on Tuesday, announcing that they had nabbed the license to produce collectible click-games for the Star Trek universe. Details are still sketchy at this point (we're not even sure if the game will feature figures, ships, both, or what) but we are told that TrekClix will cover all of the television shows as well as the feature films -- which should be more than enough to keep the new clickable universe running for ages... maybe even into the 23rd century?

Keep some space clear under your Christmas tree... the first release for TrekClix will hit shelves this December!

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