Saturday, June 12, 2010

V.I.M.A.C.S. is almost here!

V.I.M.A.C.S. -- that's Vancouver Island's Most Amazing Comic Book Show, for the acronym-impaired -- is just 24 hours away! V.I.M.A.C.S. is lined up to feature guest appearances by buckets of comic book talent, including personal faves Paul Chadwick (creator of the groundbreaking indie book Concrete), Ken Steacy (creative force behind the classic English language versions of Astro Boy and Speed Racer), Janine Johnston (a hugely talented painter with both ElfQuest and Star Wars on her resume), and many more!

In addition to the star power, V.I.M.A.C.S. will have all the hard-to-find collectors items and obscure back issues that you'd expect from a show of this magnitude... and all for a cover charge of just $4 for grown-ups, and a very reasonable $0 for kids!

So click on the link, mark it on your calendar, bust open the piggy bank and call in sick... do whatever you have to do, but don't miss out! Comic shows like this one don't come along every day, do they? See you there!

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