Thursday, July 8, 2010

So You Wanna Be A Superhero...

... but you're not a billionaire martial artist, an Amazon Princess or the last son of Krytpon? Well, don't worry -- the folks at DC Comics and Green Ronin hear you, and they understand. That's why they've put their heads together and cooked up the DC Adventures RPG, your gateway to the wild world of mad scientists, super-speedsters, ancient wizards, kooky vigilantes, and all the other nutty characters that populate the DC Universe.

Using the rule set for the hugely popular superhero RPG Mutants & Masterminds as a jumping off point, the DC Adventures RPG will deliver all the dangers, intrigue and universe-shattering events you've come to expect from DC... but this time, it's up to you to stop Giganta from going on a rampage in Boston -- or to keep the Joker from turning the ink in all the blue ball-point pens in Gotham to corrosive acid -- or to keep the Anti-Monitor from turning reality inside out... um... again. You're up to the challenge, right?

DC Adventures RPG: Heroes & Villains Volume One is set to arrive at Curious Comics this August! Ask a friendly staff member how you can reserve your own copy today.

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