Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free Warhammer Fantasy RPG Scenario!

When a small company of dwarfs sets out from Karak Azgaraz to ensure the delivery of a powerful boon to the High King, old grudges and new discoveries emerge from the shadows surrounding the region of Black Fire Pass. This is one journey the adventurers will not soon forget...

This is the Journey to Black Fire Pass, an adventure for Fantasy Flight's Warhammer Fantasy RPG -- now available free to download from the FFG website! Just follow this link to their support page for the free PDF of the adventure, as well as a complimentary selection of ready-made characters, rules reference documents, blank career sheets and more.

And after you're finished with the dangers of the Pass (or possibly after the dangers of the Pass are finished with you), swing by the games section of your friendly neighbourhood Curious Comics and check out the rest of the Warhammer Fantasy RPG line!

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