Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Precious...

Stop the Precious -- uh, I mean, stop the presses! Fantasy Flight Games has just announced their newest Living Card Game project, The Lord of the Rings! Aiming to be true to the much-loved source material, this will be a game of perilous journeys and adventure set in the lands of JRR Tolkien's classic fantasy masterpiece. In this game, you will master the most powerful artifacts of Middle-Earth, gather allies, and face the most dangerous fiends of the Age... but relax, it's not as if they're not sending you out there on your own! Like the best-selling LOTR boardgame by Reiner Knizia (soon to be re-released by Fantasy Flight as part of their budget-priced Silver Line), the Lord of the Rings LCG will be a cooperative game where players can work together to overcome the fearsome obstacles thrown their way.

Well, they've certainly sold me on it -- how about you? Ask a friendly Curious Comics staff member how you can pre-order your own copy!

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