Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spotlight on Star Wars: Blood Ties #1

Star Wars: Blood Ties #1

When secessionist agitator Count Dooku offers legendary Mandalorian gun-for-hire Jango Fett a well-paying assassination contract, Jango accepts without hesitation... but the target of the hit will come as a surprise to even this hardened professional killer, and will set in motion events that will haunt his son Boba in the decades to come.

Join the second most famous family in Star Wars universe (after the Skywalkers, of course) in a new one-of-a-kind miniseries! Tom Taylor (Star Wars: Invasion & Star Wars Adventures) joins artist extraordinaire Chris Scalf (Star Wars: Purge) for the opening salvo in a story that promises to deliver all the style and fun you've come to expect from Dark Horse's best-selling Star Wars line. Highly recommended!

Plus -- be sure to keep an eye on Dark Horse's Facebook Page for special Fett-themed updates, all this week!

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