Saturday, September 25, 2010

Return of the Smurfs!

After many long years out of print, the original Smurfs are returning to your bookshelf! This new series of collections features more Smurfy Smurfness than you could Smurf a Smurf at... but you don't have to take my Smurf for it! In the first two volumes, we see the Smurfs tangle with a mysterious disease, construct a magical flute and experiment with flight. Sounds Smurfy!

Since it first appeared in 1958, the classic cartoon strip by Peyo has earned legions of devoted fans all over the world... with plenty right here in Canada! Full of silliness, adventure and fun, these English-language adaptations make a great addition to the selection of family books available at Curious Comics. Smurf 'em out!

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