Friday, October 8, 2010

Munchkin Double Feature!

Tired of Treasures, Monsters and Races flying in all directions every time you open up your box of Munchkin? So are we! Luckily we've got the new Munchkin Boxes of Holding to help us out. Crafted of sturdy cardboard and designed to hold 500 Munchkin-sized cards apiece, each clearly labelled box is plastered with the John Kovalic art you know and love. And as a bonus to organizationally-impaired Munchkin fanatics everywhere, the Boxes of Holding come with two exclusive new cards!

But wait -- there's more! On the heels of the hit Fairy Dust and Waiting for Santa Booster Sets comes Marked for Death! Boasting 19 completely new cards, Marked for Death is prepped to add even more chaos, backstabbing and general tomfoolery to your classic Munchkin game.

Munchkin: Marked for Death and the Boxes of Holding are both available now at Curious Comics!

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