Saturday, October 2, 2010

Zombie Double Feature!

Outrunning the walking dead will take all the energy you can muster after the zombie apocalypse wipes out humanity... so to give yourself an edge, keep the Zombie Survival Energy Drink close at hand! Formulated to keep you going when the undead are on the move, this 8.4oz drink has handy suggestions for surviving in a world dominated by hungry zombies right there on the side of the can.

But if the energy drink doesn't help you and you wind up being dragged kicking & screaming into the ranks of the unliving, you'll probably be able to make good use of So Now You're A Zombie: A Handbook for the Newly Undead. All aspects of the zombie lifestyle are surveyed in this helpful orientation manual for the freshly turned zombie... from hand-to-mouth combat to handy tips on staying in one piece, this insightful guide even offers advice on extracting the living from boarded-up farmhouses and broken-down vehicles. Nice!

The Zombie Survival Energy Drink and the So Now You're A Zombie Handbook are both available now at Curious Comics!

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