Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jace Vs Chandra - Tokyo Style!

Get ready for one of the most unusual Magic: The Gathering CCG releases yet! In a special limited production run, the brainboxes at Wizards of the Coast are offering up a new chance to get your hands on the sold-out Jace Vs Chandra Duel Decks... but this time, these Mythic Rare Planeswalkers are coming your way via Japan! Featuring exclusive Japanese art and all Japanese language game text, this special re-release offers players the chance to dazzle your friends and confound your linguistically-challenged enemies... all while punishing them with the powerful cards found in these Duel Decks, of course!

Magic CCG: Jace Vs Chandra Duel Decks (Japanese Language Edition) are available now @ Curious Comics!

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