Monday, December 6, 2010

Staff Pick: Heroes for Hire #1

Shadowland is over, and New York's heroes have been crippled in their battle with the Hand. Even as the survivors are trying to regroup and pick up the pieces, their most dangerous enemies are forming new alliances in the shadows... is there anyone left to stand against them?

Enter the new Heroes for Hire -- one of the most unusual teams you've ever seen! Throughout her adventuring career, Misty Knight has made quite a few contacts in all the right places, and she figures now is the best time to call in a debt or two and take back the mean streets of the Big Apple. The Black Widow, the Falcon, the Punisher, Moon Knight, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist and many others -- Misty is the link that brings them all together to get the job done!

Brought to you by the best-selling creative team of writers Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning and artist Brad Walker, Heroes for Hire is a high-octane race through the darkest places of the Marvel Universe. Taking the old H4H concept and giving it a clever and modern spin, this new ongoing series promises to deliver enough twists and turns to make it your next must-read title!

Heroes for Hire #1 is available now @ Curious Comics!


West Coast Heroes said...

This was a great read. The creative team of Abnett, Lanning and Walker are solid! I highly recommend it!

atomicker said...

I absolutely agree! Too bad about Marvel's cosmic titles, but it's great to see this creative team sticking together.

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