Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spotlight on: The Dresden Files RPG

Since its release last year, the Dresden Files RPG has been building up a loyal following of roleplayers and Dresden Files enthusiasts, not to mention earning an award or two in the process. Powered by the Fate System from Evil Hat Productions, the Dresden Files RPG brings you all the weirdness, magic, and mayhem you'd expect to find in the life of Chicago's only openly practicing wizard (and private eye).

In The Dresden Files RPG: Your Story, you'll find all the rules you need to build vampires, werewolves, wizards, changelings, Champions of God or whatever else you're looking to play -- in addition to the secrets of spellcasting, the extents of mortal and supernatural power, and the hidden truths of the occult reality of this world. Then, in The Dresden Files RPG: Your World, look for extensive detail on the factions, creatures, foes, and allies of the Dresdenverse -- including more than 200 creatures and characters complete with all the information you'll need to bring them into your own game, details on modern-day Occult Chicago and an original short story by Jim Butcher.

The Dresden Files RPG -- and the special funky Fudge Dice you'll need to play it -- are available now @ Curious Comics!

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