Friday, February 18, 2011

Staff Pick: Gunslinger Girl Omnibus Volume One

In the near future, Italy's Social Welfare Agency takes in lost, orphaned and traumatized children... and uses all the technology and psychological conditioning at its disposal to turn these kids into relentless black ops assassins! Yet despite her extensive progamming, Henrietta is troubled by fragmented memories of a life before the SWA. Her handler Jose must keep her focused and on mission -- a task made all the more difficult by Jose’s own internal conflicts and guilt over his role in Henrietta's twisted life.

Featuring an all-new translation and a whopping 576 pages at a bargain price, Gunslinger Girl Omnibus Volume One takes aim at an older reading audience and delivers a powerful emotional punch you won't soon forget. Check out a free preview at the Seven Seas Manga website by clicking here!

Gunslinger Girl Omnibus Volume One is available now @ Curious Comics!

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