Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Toradora!

Ryuji Takasu has learned the hard way that appearances can be deceiving. Burdened with naturally cruel-looking features, he has spent years accidentally terrifying his classmates into thinking he's some kind of delinquent troublemaker -- even though he really wouldn't hurt a fly. Unfortunately this puts his chances at making friends (or getting a girlfriend) next to zero.

Enter Ryuji's classmate, Taiga Aisaka. Her delicate appearance and diminutive physique contrasts drastically with her hot-tempered and tantrum-prone personality. Secretly in love with with the most popular boy in the school, Taiga concocts a plan to help Ryuji convince his love interest he's not as bad as she thinks -- as long as Ryuji helps further Taiga's plans get her boy!

Toradora is the hit romantic comedy series of misunderstandings and miscommunications that is guaranteed to have you hooked after the first episode. Head on over to the free online library at Anime News Network and check it out for yourself. If you like what you see there, you'll want to make a stop at Curious Comics too -- because the first volume of the new Toradora manga series just hit the shelves this week!

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