Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Original Alpha Flight Returns

The classic Canadian super-team is back! Sasquatch, Snowbird, Northstar and Aurora are joined by their recently revived allies Guardian, Vindicator, Shaman, and Marrina... but under the influence of Fear Itself, Canada turns on the Flight and brands them traitors. As the borders close and an entire nation hunts them down, will the newly reunited Alpha Flight survive?

Writers Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente team up with artist Dale Eaglesham to deliver the return of Marvel's Maple Leaf contingent in this week's Alpha Flight #0.1 - on sale Wednesday May 18!

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West Coast Heroes said...

Oh yes... looking forward to this! Should be a treat to see Dale Eaglesham handling Alpha Flight art-wise. And cool Phil Jimenez on covers. This is as close as we'll get to the classic Alpha Flight folks! This is the prelude to the 12-issue Alpha Flight launching June 8th.

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