Monday, June 6, 2011

Staff Pick: A Certain Scientific Railgun

Welcome to Academy City -- an advanced metropolis populated by students enrolled in the famous Power Curriculum Program. Here, young people must learn to control their latent psychic powers and produce superhuman results... but the Program has its dark side, as Mikoto Misaka is about to find out. Out of several million students, Mikoto is one of the very few counted among the most powerful psychics on the planet -- and that has brought her to the attention of the true forces behind the Program. Together with her friends in Academy City, Mikoto is about to discover the secrets hidden in the dark heart of the amazing scientific sprawl she calls home....

A prequel to the massively popular Toaru Majutsu no Index series, A Certain Scientific Railgun takes us to the early days of the Mikoto Misaka's terrifying journey through the Power Curriculum Program. A Certain Scientific Railgun Volume One goes on sale this coming Wednesday June 8 @ Curious Comics!

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