Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Staff Pick - Kirby: Genesis #1

Decades ago, humanity sent a message of hope out into the vastness of space. That message has been heard and is about to be answered... but what has come to Earth isn't what anyone might have expected! As visitors from beyond the stars reveal themselves to an astonished world, the stage is set for a deadly battle -- and three ordinary people will be caught up in the most amazing adventure imaginable!

Featuring characters created by the one and only Jack Kirby -- the mind & heart behind the vast majority of your favourite DC & Marvel heroes & villains -- this ambitious new series aims to deliver mind-blowing cosmic super-fantasy just as 'the King' himself would have wanted it!

Captain Victory, Silver Star, the Glory Knights and more -- all created by Jack Kirby and brought to new life by the best-selling & award winning creative team of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross. Kirby: Genesis #1 is available now @ Curious Comics!

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