Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Staff Pick - Captain America #1

Fear Itself continues to make its mark across the Marvel Universe as friend turns against friend and lives are changed forever. No one is left unscathed -- not even Steve Rogers, who finds himself at a turning point after Sin's devastating attack on Washington. Has the time finally come for the return of the one, true Captain America?

From the bestselling creative team of Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven comes Captain America #1, the perfect jumping-on point for new readers and a defining moment in Cap history for longtime fans. With two new ongoing series and the soon-to-be-blockbuster film about to hit theatres, 2011 is set to be the year of Captain America!

Captain America #1 goes on sale tomorrow @ Curious Comics! Don't miss out on a single issue -- ask a Curious Comics staff member how you can become a subscriber today!

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