Thursday, September 22, 2011

DC's New 52: Wonder Woman #1

Witness the rebirth of DC's Amazon Princess as the New 52 delivers a completely new Wonder Woman! The Gods of ancient times walk among modern humans. To them, our lives mean less than nothing, and our world is little more than a plaything. Only one woman would dare to place herself between humanity and the wrath of such strange and powerful forces... but is she one of us -- or one of them?

In what may be the most controversial reboot of the New 52, horror writer Brian Azzarrello and artist Cliff Chiang bring an entirely new vision to DC's iconic and beloved heroine. Wonder Woman #1 is on sale now @ Curious Comics!

Please note: some Curious Comics locations are already sold out of this book -- if your local CC is one of them, ask a staff member about putting your name down for a 2nd print ASAP!

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