Sunday, September 11, 2011

Munchkin Double Whammy!

Munchkin: Conan
By Crom! The best-selling Munchkin Card Game has crossed swords with the mightiest barbarian of all! Wear the Mask of Acheron or the Barbarian Booties! Wield the Sword of Corin or the Stygian Talons! Defeat the Sand Warriors, the hideous Dweller, or Khalar Zym himself! Bring Robert E. Howard's iconic fantasy hero Conan the Barbarian into your next Munchkin game with this 15-card set.

Zombie Munchkin 2: Armed & Dangerous
Kill the Living! Eat their Braaaains! It's the return of the sickest, silliest version of Munchkin ever! Munchkin Zombies 2: Armed and Dangerous includes 112 new and hilariously twisted cards to help make your Munchkin Zombies game just that little bit more disgusting and bizarre. You're welcome.

Munchkin: Conan & Zombie Munchkin 2: Armed & Dangerous are both available now @ Curious Comics!

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